Property Transfers are handled with no interruption of service.  The account for your water service will transfer to the new owner name once a signed new owner application is received by the Water District. A signed new owner application MUST be received within 30 days of closing in order to avoid interruption of service.

Moving To Town?

New residents can click here to download a new owner application: New Owner Application

Water usage is billed quarterly based on the area of town you live in. To find out when to expect quarterly water usage bills, please click here. Sewer usage is not billed by the Water District, but by the Town of West Boylston. Sewer customers can download an application for sewer service here:   Application for Sewer Service

Moving From Town?

Current customers or their representative should notify the West Boylston Water District with information on when they will relinquish the property no later than 10 business days before the closing. We will do a final meter reading for a fee of $40.00*, which will be included in the final water usage billing. If the Water customer is also on Town Sewer, the usage will be forwarded to the Sewer Division for the final sewer billing to be calculated and sent to Town Hall. A no liens letter for water will be issued when the final bill is paid.  The new customer information will be taken at this time as well.

*Additional fees apply if a final reading is ordered less than (7) business days from the closing date. Final readings are good for (14) days.

Building In Town?

Customers for a new water service must complete an application in one of three categories:  Residential, Multi-dwelling/Commercial or Sub-division/Development.  Please call the office at 508-835-3025 for these applications.
These new services are subject to connection and services fees.  Please see Rates and Billing for information on these fees.
All new water services must meet the specifications determined by the West Boylston Water District.  Please see our Rules and Regulations.