The Board of Water Commissioners is the executive head that directs and manages the West Boylston Water District. The members of the Board are responsible for setting policy and allocating resources. Members of the Board of Water Commissioners are elected for 3-year terms, with some positions up for election each year.


Clerk  Robert Bryngleson, Jr. (Term expires 2024)

Chair  Stanley Szczurko, Jr. (Term expires 2024)

Vice-Chair James LaMountain (Term expires 2025)

Member-at-Large Michael H. Mard (Term expires 2026)

Member-at-Large   Vacant




Treasurer: Heather Isaacs

Superintendent: Michael D. Coveney

The Board of Water Commissioners usually meet once a month. These meetings are open to the public and are held at 5:00 pm at the District Office. You can request to have an issue added to the meeting agenda. Please contact the office at least one week prior to the meeting.

In compliance with the Open Meeting Law, meetings and agendas of the Board of Water Commissioner meetings are posted on the Board of Water Commissioners' page on the Town of West Boylston's website. The minutes of these meetings are posted here.

All archived meeting minutes and agendas of the West Boylston Water District are available at the District offices located at 183 Worcester Street.


Annual Meeting Minutes, Agendas and Warrants can be found under Administration/District Annual Meeting.