Board of Commissioners

We are operated by a five-member, elected Board of Commissioners.  Water Commissioners are elected for a 3-year term and some members are elected each year.


The Superintendent, appointed by the Board, is responsible for insuring good water quality and reviewing all new development for compliance with District standards.  The superintendent is assisted by our excellent staff.


Consumers are an important part of our operations.  We invited you to participate in our Annual Meetings and to voice your concerns at the Board of Water Commissioners' meetings. The current meeting agenda can be found here.

District Annual Meetings

Interested in the operations of the Water District? Please attend the Annual Meeting! As customers of the Water District you have a vote in the way the District operates and we need your involvement. The District Meeting is held at least once a year, usually in the spring at the Water District's office at 183 Worcester Street. We may hold additional District Meetings if necessary.

By attending the District Meeting, you can vote on the articles in the warrant. These articles involve the election of the District Officers, the expenditure of funds for Water District projects and changes to the Bylaws of the District. The warrant for each meeting will be available for your review prior to the date of the meeting.