• The Town of West Boylston, Department of Public Works bills sewer usage on a quarterly basis at the end of every January, April, July and October
  • Sewer usage is based on water usage; sewer lines are not individually metered.
  • Sewer billing is based on the previous quarters billing. See below for general billing usage dates
  • Sewer rates are set by the Sewer Commission as run by the Town of West Boylston Select Board and are different from water usage rates. Click HERE for more information on water usage rates.


  • Why am I paying for sewer usage on water I used outside? Sewer lines are not metered. For outside water usage (one time event, like pool filling), the West Boylston Water District recommends calling us at 508-835-3025 to arrange for a $40. special reading. For outside water usage for long-term applications (like lawn irrigation), the West Boylston Water District recommends installing a second meter. Both of these will result in a sewer abatement. More information on both of these options, please call the Water District.
  • I couldn't have used this much water.... Please be very mindful of the billing dates. Remember, your sewer usage billing is based on your previous quarter's water usage. Spring/summer usage is always higher than fall/winter usage. The District reviews each and every reading before it bills; the Sewer division does the same thing. We encourage our customers to call us WHEN YOU RECEIVE YOUR WATER BILL if something doesn't look right. We will look at average daily usage from the previous year. If you wait until you get a sewer bill, as many as four months have gone past since the reading that bill is based on.
  • I had a leaking toilet- can I get an abatement from the Water District or sewer division? Chances are no; just like when you leave the lights on accidentally when you go on vacation, or the heat turned up to 80 degrees and you need to pay the electric or gas bill, that water has still been used by you, and needed to be processed by the sewer division. Please contact us for further information.
  • I must have a leak. Can you check? Yes and no. If your meter sends us a leak code, you will be notified in your water billing. This is only a small snapshot of usage through your meter, though- only the previous 24 hours prior to the read. We recommend doing a leak check around the house.